Spanish/Bilingual Materials
#204F Home Fire Escape Plan for Families
Educational Materials - General Fire Safety Materials


(English & Spanish), full-color deskmat/placemat - B, E, F, LE, UE

A good overall piece of material that covers the basics of home fire safety. Also includes directions and a grid for families to draw their own floor plan for their home fire escape plan. Can be used as an activity placemat in eating establishments wanting to promote fire prevention or as a deskmat at school. English on one side, Spanish on the other side.

Topics: Cool a Burn; Home Fire Escape Drill; Smoke Alarms; Crawl Below the Smoke; Poisoning; Dial 9-1-1; Stop, Drop, & Roll; House Numbers; and Home Fire Escape Plan.

#247F Smoke Alarms Can Save Your Life
Educational Materials - Smoke Alarm Safety


Full-color brochure - A, HS

Folder covers vital information for adults about smoke alarms.

Topics: Smoke Alarms and Heat Detectors; Placement & Installation; Maintenance: and False Alarms. (Also available in Spanish - #611F)

#352F Common Household Poisons
Educational Materials - Poison Safety


Full-color sheet, English/Spanish- A

This is a comprehensive list of SOME common potentially toxic substances homeowners may have in and around the home. One side features the information in English. The other side features the information in Spanish.

Topics: Kitchen & Laundry; Garden; Garage & Basement; Plants; Bathroom or Bedroom; Cosmetics & Toiletries; Other Household Items.

#601F Official Fire Safety Manual
Educational Materials - Annual Fire Prevention


24-page activity book, English/Spanish (Ages 4-6) - P, K, 1-2, LE

This manual captures children's attention with easy-to-understand concepts, large pictures and numbers to color and discuss. Firepup® and his friends present fire and burn prevention and life safety messages in this fun-filled manual which features a handwriting strip area at the bottom of each page. Children may practice writing the fire lesson learned for a fun review while practicing penmanship as well as letter and word recognition. Children learn vital fire safety lessons while reinforcing learning skills appropriate for the kindergarten age level. Oral review quiz and fire safety award to color included.

Topics: Friendly Firefighter and His Turn-Out Gear; My Address, My Telephone Number; How to Report a Fire; Hot! Never Touch; Cool a Burn; Test Your Detector; Two Ways Out; Safe Meeting Place; Stop, Drop, and Roll; Crawl Below the Smoke; Matches & Lighters; Home Fire Safety; School Fire Drills; Campfire Safety; and Holiday Fire Safety.

#611F Detectors de Humo: Pueden Salvar Su Vida!
Educational Materials - Smoke Alarm Safety


Full-color brochure - A

Spanish version of our smoke alarm brochure.

Topics: Detectores de humo y calor; Fuentes de Poder; Escoja un detector de humo que tiene; Colocación y Instalación; Detección Temprano; Mantenimiento; Alarmas Falsas.

#612F Firepup® Fire Safety
Educational Materials - General Fire Safety Materials


2-sided bilingual activity/colorsheet - P, K, 1-2

This bilingual activity/colorsheet is especially designed for children. Large drawing of Firepup® invites children to learn Firepup's motto: "Be fire safety smart. Stop fires before they start.®" It also covers a wide variety of general fire safety topics along with illustrations to help reinforce basic fire safety rules. Can be signed by a child and dated upon completion.

Topics: Smoke Alarms; Dial 9-1-1; Home Fire Escape Plan; Stop, Drop, Cover Your Face, and Roll; Smoke; and House Numbers.

#613F Home Fire Safety Checklist
Educational Materials - Spanish/Bilingual Materials


Full-color bilingual, bookmark

This bookmark has basic fire safety tips in English and Spanish and features ruler marks on the back side for measuring house numbers.

Topics: Smoke Alarms; Fire Extinguishers; Home Fire Escape Plan; Crawl Low Below Smoke; and House Numbers.

#614F Ready 2 Respond - Fire & Life Safety Guide Bilingual Sheet (English/Spanish)
Educational Materials - General Fire Safety Materials


8 1/2 x 11  full-color Sheet - A, SC

Fire kills more Americans than all other natural disasters combined. This sheet contains vital information on a variety of basic prevention topics. This bi-lingual sheet features thre fire safety information in English on one side and the identical tips in Spanish on the other side. The only edge you have on a fire that's already started is knowing what to do and doing it quickly. Will you be "Ready 2 Respond"?

Topics: Emergency Vehicles; Fire Lanes; 9-1-1; Smoke Alarms; Carbon Monoxide Detectors; Residential Sprinklers; Fire Extinguishers; House Numbers; Home Fire Drill; Home Hazards; Electrical Safety; Poisoning; Burns; Kitchen Safety; Bathroom Safety; Stop, Drop, Cover Your Face & Roll.

Companion Booklet: #201F Ready 2 Respond - Fire & Life Safety Guide.